"From The Flames" CD (Independent version)

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From The Flames (Independent version - limited run)

From The Flames is the blistering debut album from N. Ireland based hard rockers Screaming Eagles. The band captured their raw and riff-heavy live act onto record in an intense recording session in 2012 surrounded by Marshall stacks and fuelled by cheap wine. The album was recorded by Ross Cullen at Railway Studios, Lisburn, Co. Antrim, mastered by Mark Chalecki at Little Red Book, California with artwork from Jonathan Ruddell.

The cd album has 10 tracks plus 12-page cd booklet.

1. All The Way
2. Down The River
3. Hungry For More
4. Fight The Fire
5. Vampire
6. Devil In The Dust
7. Rock n Roll Soul
8. One Man Revolution
9. Blood
10. Take My Time

Vocals - Chris Fry
Guitar - Adrian McAleenan
Bass - Ryan Lilly
Drums - Kyle Cruikshank